Structured courses to unlock your real estate management success

Our powerful blend of courses will help you thrive in the modern real estate management landscape. 

So overcome roadblocks, and achieve unprecedented growth in real estate investing. Our exclusive content will introduce you to proven tools that’ll help you run your business like a CEO.

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Embark on your wealth-building journey

This course uncovers the strategy behind generating $1,000 in residual income every month through smart real estate investments. Perfect for beginners, our expert instructors will help you lay the foundation for a secure future.

Learn to:

  • Set short-term and long-term investment goals
  • Identify profitable real estate opportunities
  • Leverage government funds to purchase your first investment property
  • Invest in your business without using your own capital
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Grow Course

Elevate your income streams

Dive into the world of professional asset management, and boost your income by serving third-party property owners. This comprehensive training program will help you build confidence—making you a seasoned pro in no time at all.

Learn to:

  • Diversify your residual income streams
  • Build lasting relationships with clients
  • Take your financial management to the next level
  • Scale your real estate management business
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Master diverse ventures

This advanced course is designed for real estate entrepreneurs who want to take a giant leap in their career. Consider it your complete guide to building wealth—and to dominating the different aspects of the industry.

Learn to:

  • Enhance your portfolio through capital improvement management services
  • Navigate maintenance oversight
  • Offer brokerage services
  • Include multifamily properties in your personal investment strategies
  • Create a self-directed retirement account (SDIRA) to invest in real estate
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Invest in your education with the CGE course bundle

The best way to kick off your real estate investment and management success is to sign up for the three-course Create Grow Expand bundle. By completing the Create, Grow, and Expand modules, you’ll have all the insight you need to run a thriving busines

Why choose the CGE bundle?

Complete coverage. 

Our three courses offer a carefully curated progression. In other words, the CGE curriculum seamlessly integrates skills from one course to the next.

Real savings. 

Our course bundle does so much more than deliver a holistic understanding of real estate investing. It also provides huge savings over buying the courses individually. 

Synergistic success. 

With the CGE course bundle, each module builds upon the next. The result is a proven roadmap to success that’ll give you a competitive edge in our industry.

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